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Installment loan for traders

It is not easy for traders to get a foot in with banks when it comes to a installment loan for traders. It is not uncommon for the applicant to exist if he wants to apply for a loan. Not all banks offer installment loans to traders, but you should try. Those who are patient and go on a search will be rewarded.

Short-term bridging – possible with an installment loan

Short-term bridging - possible with an installment loan

Traders often have to pay in advance, which often brings them into financial bottlenecks. If you want to use an installment loan as a bridge, you should start your search. Such an installment loan for traders usually only lasts 90 days, but helps to pay the costs and not to lose his job. In this time there is the possibility to receive the money from the customers and the loan can be repaid immediately. These short-term loans are now very popular and are often given without major problems.

Long-term loans – preparation helps

Long-term loans - preparation helps

Anyone looking for a long-term loan as a trader should prepare very well before the bank conversation. Documents have to be submitted, the credit rating has to be correct and in the end the bank just has to be convinced. The bank checks the Credit Bureau to determine whether loans have already been applied for or are still running.

The business should exist for at least two years to ensure that the business ran smoothly and that sufficient money was raised. The applicant must submit their bank statements, a business statement and income tax returns. In some cases an income – surplus calculation is also required.

How must the loan be repaid?

How must the loan be repaid?

As with all installment loans, the installment loan for traders must be repaid in monthly installments. The amount of the installments is agreed in advance. Care is taken to ensure that these are not too high. Otherwise the borrower gets into a bottleneck again and cannot pay bills that are unpredictable. The installments are automatically debited from the borrower’s account. These remain the same all the time, so that the same costs can always be expected. Thus, the borrower can include the installments in his costs every month and will not be surprised by costs.

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